How We Work

At Our Core

The core of what we do for clients is providing:
Scalable Development Team

Scalable Development Team

We can usually hire and onboard the right people for your project in just 1-2 weeks.
Outstanding Client Service

Outstanding Client Service

Our success is due to us taking such good care of our clients. Ask them.


With our combination of on-shore and off-shore talent, we keep pricing low. 

3 FOR 1

It's kind of like the Three Musketeers


We hire staff in the United States, India, and the Philippines to bring you cost-effective, highly-scalable development talent. But unlike most other talent sources, you will have a complete team for one low price, assuring great communication, skilled and experienced development, and error-free outcomes.

Your team will include:

project manager

Your project manager is focused on your project needs, communicating with you and managing the project deliverables with the development team. One point of contact for all of your needs keeps you informed without frustration.


Our developers are hired by us for your specific needs. We take care of skills assessments and assuring we have the right people, all while taking care of taxes, benefits, etc. so you have one low monthly price and the confidence that your Malaika team is working for you.


We know that in the rush to get projects completed quickly, some errors can creep in. That's why we also have two extra checks on the work done - by the Quality Assurance person and by the Project Manager - assuring on-time delivery of error-free work.

The eCommerce Scalability Solution:

A unique approach to transforming your business - only from Malaika Consultants

The eCommerce Scalability Solution:

If your developers are focused on fighting fires, it means you're losing money

- either directly or indirectly.

Our Signature Solution is The eCommerce Scalability Solution™ Development Process, which moves clients quickly from fire-fighting to stability, then to predictability, and finally to scalability. Progress through the stages is defined based on more than a decade of experience helping other eCommerce companies and discovering what works best to get them where they want to be.

How The eCommerce Scalability Solution™ works:

At the first stage, Stability, we focus on:
  • Putting out fires once and for all
  • Creating a Testing & Quality Control Plan
  • Building a Development and Deployment Process
At the end of the Stability stage, clients have stable software with quality control and process built to keep it that way.

At Stage 3, Scalability, we move clients from sporadic growth to managed growth. We work with business partners to provide a complete solution for scaling client businesses, focused on:

  • Creating a 2-week rhythm of software releases
  • Improving the infrastructure to better support growth
  • Providing growth strategies that can accelerate growth and sales
At the end of the Scalability stage, clients are on track to grow as rapidly as they want. Revenue is often significantly higher than what it was at the beginning of the engagement, the technical foundation is well-established and business-aligned, and the company is able to implement new marketing and sales strategies to grow even faster, with the tech side focused on keeping up with the business objectives.

Malaika’s eCommerce Scalability Solution™ is a unique and powerful way to move your company forward and achieve growth targets you only dream about now. And because we have it down to a science, we can deliver at a fraction of the cost of other companies who charge more and deliver less.